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Pitti Exhibition in Florence

dvEvery year, Florence hosts the Pitti exhibitions, these events are among the most important events of Italian fashion.

The Pitti fair in Florence is composed of various events during the year divided by sectors apparel for men, women, children, in addition to the one dedicated to the textile industry.

One of the most significant events of this fair is Pitti Immagine Uomo. This event is dedicated to the show of the men's fashion collections and takes place in Florence twice a year divided by the autumn-winter and spring-summer collections.

During the various events of Pitti Immagine, Florence becomes much more alive day and night with festivals, exhibitions and other social and cultural events, during which the city is full of celebrities from the world of fashion, films and sports.

Florence during the Pitti fair becomes the international center of fashion and social life. The historical part of the city is also much more alive with people, shops and locations that split the streets and the most important squares with tourists and ordinary Florentine life.

Clubs and discoteques in the center propose related to fashion events. The city with famous celebrities and fashion actors proposing parties starting in the early hours of the evening and continue into the late night.

The Pitti Immagine attracts buyers of major world cities to see for the first time the new collections of the most important international designers and what do they propose for the next season.

During this fair, the road of fashion is decided for the next seasons. These activities are crucial time for the development of high-end fashion market, because they attract buyers from around the world including the rich and important Asian market.

Florence is an ideal location for the Pitti fair despite the access to it is partly lacking a bigger airport suitable to international events of this type.

The fame of Florence in the world for its extraordinary works of art is a benefit. It very well joins the presentation of a major fashion event like Pitti. Who participate in this global fashion event have the chance to admire not only the new fashion creations of the most important designers of the moment, but also the genius and talent of great artists of the past, unique and unrepeatable works, that are in Florence.

We must not forget that Florence in ancient times was one of the most important textile production centers. Trade of woolen cloths was well developed by the Florentines; in the past, it allowed many families to accumulate great wealth. The same wealth made possible the Florence of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to finance those immense works for which Florence is today one of the most visited world cities.

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